Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Every new year one of the more popular searches on google is " What is the best workout program? " It seems like a pretty vague question, but ultimately what it means for most people is " What is the best workout program for me?".

This question can only be answered by first determining what results you are looking for and what resources you have access to ( which can become tricky during a pandemic ). I also think that a program that you are able to maintain ( not too difficult for your level of fitness ) or is too monotonous or boring is the right program for you! Some other important questions you need to ask yourself are:

1) What is my fitness level?

2) What equipment and space do I have?

3) Am I looking to build strength or cardiovascular capacity?

4) Will this program be mindful of pre-existing injuries and include modifications?

5) Is this program sustainable? or am I likely to drop out after a few days?

6) What type of learner am I ? is a written program sufficient or do I need visual representation of my program?

7) Who else has done this program? So I can gather more information about the program and find out if it is right for me?

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